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Advocate Vikas Pandey

Law & finance advisor

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With a distinguished career spanning a total of 14 years, Vikas Pandey stands as an accomplished legal professional based in Delhi. His expertise extends across various domains, including 9 years of invaluable experience in office work, complemented by 5 years dedicated to the practice of law. Fluent in both English and Hindi,

Vikas Pandey is a practitioner in the legal landscape, appearing before the highest echelons of justice in India, namely the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court. His practice also encompasses appearances before various Commissions and Tribunals within Delhi, showcasing a broad spectrum of legal acumen.

Specializing in Civil Law, Vikas adeptly handles matters related to recovery, injunctions, and other civil intricacies. His prowess extends into Labour and Employment Law, ensuring comprehensive support to clients navigating this complex terrain. In the realm of Criminal Law, Vikas has a keen understanding of the 138 Negotiable Instruments Act, further reinforcing his commitment to providing comprehensive legal solutions.

In the dynamic field of Cyber Law and RTI, Vikas Pandey demonstrates a nuanced understanding, staying abreast of the evolving legal landscape. Furthermore, his proficiency in handling Writs, Special Leave Petitions (SLP’s), and Appeals in both the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court underscores his versatility.

2010 - Corporate

We made our first commercial work

2016 - Local Business Conference

International Legal Support /Business Consultant

2017 - Awards

Appreciated his work

2019 - Legal Light Consutling - LLC Lawyer

Legal Work is featured in "Best 10 Law Firm in " Delhi India


District Court
5 years
High Court
2 years
Supreme Court Of India
1 years
12 years


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