Transparent RTI Lawyer Fees: Accessible Legal Support for Your Right to Information Needs

Are you seeking professional legal assistance for your Right to Information (RTI) case? Look no further! Our experienced RTI lawyers offer transparent and competitive fee structures, ensuring that quality legal support is accessible to all.

Our Fee Structure

Empower yourself with the support of experienced RTI lawyers. Let us help you navigate the legal process and achieve your objectives efficiently and affordably.

Initial consultation fee: – ₹ 599
Follow-up consultation fee (if required): ₹ 2100

Standard RTI application drafting fee: ₹999
Complex RTI application drafting fee (if applicable): ₹4999

Filing of RTI application fee: ₹799
Representation before the Information Commission (if required): ₹4100

Review of documents related to RTI case: ₹1100

Legal research and analysis: ₹3100

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We believe in providing high-quality legal services at competitive rates. Our fees are designed to offer value for your investment, without compromising on the quality of representation.