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Navigating the intricacies of the RTI process can be challenging. Our team of experienced RTI lawyers is dedicated to assisting you in securing the information you seek. Whether you are facing obstacles in the application process or need legal representation for an appeal, we are here to help.



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From Secrets to Answers: Navigating the Right to Information – Transparency Matters: Your Right, Our Commitment and Empowerment Through Information: Explore Your RTI Rights. with RTI Lawyer expert Securing Democracy with the Right to Information helping to Unlock Government Insights, Secure Your Right to Know

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RTI promotes transparency by allowing citizens to access information about government actions, decisions, and policies.


It holds public authorities accountable for their actions by providing citizens the means to scrutinize their functioning.


RTI encourages citizen participation in governance by providing them with the information necessary to make informed decisions.

How Does RTI Work?

Submit an Application

Prepare a written application specifying the information sought and submit it to the relevant public authority.

Application Processing

The public authority is legally bound to respond within a specified time frame (generally 30 days) and provide the requested information or explain the reasons for denial.

Appeals Process

In case of denial or dissatisfaction with the response, applicants can file an appeal to higher authorities.

Why Choose Legal Light Consulting for RTI Assistance?


Our legal team specializes in RTI laws and has a proven track record of success


We are committed to upholding your right to information and ensuring a smooth and effective application process.


Our focus is on delivering tangible results for our clients, ensuring that you obtain the information you seek
Knowledge is Power: Exercise Your Right to Information

Transparency Advocates: We Stand for Your Right to Information

It empowers individuals to seek information and ensures that public authorities are responsive to the needs and concerns of the public. Express the firm’s commitment to transparency and the right to information and Highlight the importance of legal expertise in this field. Emphasize integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction and Mention any relevant certifications or affiliations.

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